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             daughter - sister - mother - philanthropist

 dancer - athlete - dreamer - strong in body and heart

Dominique was born in Bergamo, Italy and raised at the foot pedals of her grandmother’s sewing machine.  To this day she still has that machine, complete with the foot print left on the pedal, a visible legacy of her grandmother’s hard work, as well as the dress form that they would drape on together.  Her Italian roots have shaped more than her trade; they are the roots of her character, beliefs, and family.

Dominique Daniela opened her business in 2001 in NYC.  There she worked one-on-one with clients making custom attire, specializing in evening and bridal wear.  This custom design business expanded into many freelance jobs within women's apparel, as well as interior design.  A true designer, Dominique has remained both passionate and creative about her work. Dominique expanded into retail and ready-to wear-in 2008 when she relocated to New Hope, PA, which has been her home for the past nine years.  Through the intimacy of working one on one with women, the tales of her dressing room have brought her closer to understanding the needs and preferences of her customer. 
"These intimate experiences with my clients continues to inspire my work.  Understanding their needs is a must to succeed.  Knowing they feel and look good is my biggest reward. Many clients and friends became interior clients, where I not only helped with interior design but more so the function their home needed."

Having a mother who is a breast cancer survivor, Dominique enjoys working closely with survivors of any recovery in helping them feel like themselves again. "I have seen many what I call "warrior wounds" within my dressing rooms, clients who have recovered from immeasurable circumstances.  These clients each have their own story, visible scars or not to share that empowers me to help them feel even better in their new skin."  Eleven years ago, Dominique began Couture for a Cure, a fundraising fashion show that donates all proceeds to The Young Survival Coalition and Healing Consciousness Foundation.  Both organizations help women get well and get past the challenges of their illnesses.

With faith, love, and hope.

Dominique Daniela

YSC Champion of the Year 2016 Award
My kiddos when they were small
The coat that started my custom biz
Interior - The Landing, New Hope
My guy Craig Berube
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