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starting online retail....

I now have my apparel available for purchase online. Even though I consider myself knowledgeable about technology, shopping online is foreign to me. I come from the specialty store business where many items sold are a bit exclusive and special, which pretty much translates to, they don't make huge volume and are made in the USA so it is more expensive to produce. I value these lines that continue to do this, and am proud to now be one of them. I have always appreciated the need to touch a garment, try it on, know what it is made of, and know where it is made. These are such big factors to me. Well I can assure you that even though you can't touch these garments, once you receive it you will value the materials as well as know that everything I make is made in the USA for the active mom in mind, so sizing is true. I try to use sustainable and reactive fabrics, always keeping my belief of wellness in mind of all I create. I hope you find some effortless items that get your through your busy day, feeling good and while looking good. With gratitude...please shop away....

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