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Abbraccio - sharing a hug with you

On my birthday I am sharing my newest launch, Abbraccio with you, which means to give a hug in Italian. Under this label you will continue to find the effortless approach of comfort and ease that we all need everyday. These items are easy to wear through out the day, or snuggle up in after a long day. Either way you will look and feel good. Fabrics are of natural or recycled fibers, easy care, and just feel amazing. Working closely with breast cancer survivors I had made many of these items easy to get on and off, the word effortless has a different meaning to me now when I have seen the simplest of daily tasks become difficult when recovering and healing. My abbraccio bra can be worn comfortably by anyone, but the wrap front soft closure makes that easy on and off achievable. Feeling and looking good are pieces of wellness that we all need. If my apparel can do just that then I have done a big part of my job. Within this label you will also find moTivation tees, designed by myself, other artists that are sure to inspire you. With faith, hope and love I hope to continue to evolve my brand into the many layers of apparel we need and desire.

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