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S P O R T I V O - fashion active apparel

Spreading the love... S P O R T I V O my fashion active line is sure to also find a place in your heart! Being a mom on the run...balancing kids, work and life while trying to look good and feel good is hard to achieve. I am trying to instill the term of effortless apparel within every persons terminology, and when they google search it, hopefully my brand will jump off the page relating to this term. Fashion should be effortless, because if it isn't comfortable we are are not going to wear it. It also needs to with stand the wear and tear,sweat, moisture, and any other hazards that come our way! The concept of

S P O R T I V O is to have the ability to do anything from yoga, to running, to tennis, then off to golf or enjoying a swim...but then be able to layer a fashionable piece on top of these items and run to grocery store, soccer game, or a lunch and cocktail without looking like you broke a sweat...I live in it...I hope you will too :)

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